Our mission is simple – putting power and time back into the hands that create.

Jetsetter, weekend hustler, maker, doer.

Gulls and Crows was founded with the dream of reaching big skies and open water.

We believe you deserve to dream. Rock on – we’ll see you on the road.




Life changes and it will take you places. In 2008, Jose Melgarejo was looking for a job as an office worker amidst a Global Recession. A little more than a decade later, he would find his passions in the world of travel, teaching and photography. In fact, his camera would take him thousands of miles across the globe meeting new people and experiencing cultures that he'd only read about in books. Now a full-time wedding photographer, husband, father of two, and entrepreneur, Jose knows that our top priority should be our time. Time is what allows us to pursue our passions and create. With time, we can be healthier, happier and serve our communities better. We can do meaningful work. Jose founded Gulls and Crows to help the creative community win some of their time back- with just a few more hours each day, who knows how far we'll go...

Developing the Presets

New York City, Madrid, Manila, Rome, Tuscany, Seoul, Reykjavik, Joshua Tree, the Canary Islands, Bornholm, Barcelona.

All incredible locations with their own stories, and their own distinct light. We've tested our presets across a variety of different landscapes across the world of color. From these field tests we've balanced each preset collection with the tones and depth that provide the most consistent look with the least amount of time. Then we made sure that the photographer can easily overlay their own style by adjusting one or two sliders. The perfect base.

See the Presets

Showcasing creators who dare to hustle and chase their dreams...

We believe that art can inspire and change lives, and that with visibility, creators and makers can have a greater impact on our communities and at the same time follow their dreams.



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Ready to get a head start on editing? Check out our presets for versatile, time-saving color palettes that you can weave into your workflow.



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