Anaïs Possamaï

Oregon & New York


Destinations, and with travel in her blood. Anaïs is a French Photographer based in both the East and the West of the United States - New York and Oregon.


We asked Anaïs a few questions about her work and life…

What do you do?

Wedding and Elopement photographer

What is your expertise/superpower in your field? And one piece of advice as an expert!

Making people feel comfortable. Be yourself always! Treat your couples like you would treat your friends.

One thing you are. One thing you aren’t.

I’m easy going. I’m not as organized as I wish I was hahah

Where do you photograph? 

Anywhere I get inquiries. Mostly NYC-NJ and the US in general.

Your favorite thing about your work?

The way I make people feel when they see their images. The creativity I’m allowed to have and the people I meet every time I go on a shoot.

What is more important- inspiration or workflow?

Workflow. Being organized is key to run a successful photography business.

The key to creativity? 

Never stop shooting! The more you take photos the easier it will be to get creative. Observing the area you’re in, take your time to analyze the person who’s in front of your camera. Don’t force things just go with the flow. Don’t compare yourself.

Your favorite place on this earth?

This is too hard to answer! What the heck 😂 I have two. The Isle Of Skye and Alberta/ Banff Canada. These two places made me feel a way that I can’t describe and I never felt this anywhere else.

A song you would drive into the sunset to?

Too many lol but right now it would be: The signal of fire from Killswitch Engage

What’s your next big thing (what are you excited for)?

Moving to the west coast. I’m not good at being stable I need to consistently move and experience new things!

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