CALL FOR CREATIVES #presenceequalspower







This summer we are looking to create, empower and grow.

Gulls and Crows was founded by Filipino Photographer Jose Melgarejo with the mission to create opportunities for individuals to pursue the creative life of their dreams. For many self-starters, living out their work means putting forth an incredible amount energy. This could not be more true for underrepresented creatives.

Gulls and Crows' mission is one of empowerment, and there is no greater time than now to create the dream we long for. Let's safely meet, create and grow together.

This summer, we invite you to shoot, model, style and create content that represents communities of culture, color, and other underrepresented communities. We hope to showcase and share your content in the spirit that #presenceequalspower





We Create

We Connect

We Share and Build

After you send your email, we set the vision and aesthetic for the project. Once we have the look and the energy right we'll set out and create amazing content.

At the moment we are a small core of artists and creatives based in the New York City area. If you are interested in growing the project, reach out by sending an email to

The Project is for the community and presence equals power. Share and tag @gullsandcrows with the hashtag #presenceequals power so that others can join.


Who is this for?

Models, photographers, creatives, stylists, makers. If you believe in a world of openness and diversity and have energy to give, then join the Presence Equals Power project #presenceequalspower.

The photos would be used to promote awareness of the Presence Equals Power project and Gulls and Crows. Creatives and those involved in shoots would be able to use the images to help elevate their brand, so arrange this with your photographer.

Where are the photos used?

If you are a photographer you can get started by reaching out. Download a copy of the free Mochila preset for editing so that you can have all that you need for your shoot. If you're not a photographer, reach out and we'll connect you with someone from the project who can help you out.

What do I need to join in?

What kind of content are you looking for?

We are looking for content that shows diverse faces and the spirit of openness, positivity, human empowerment and freedom. This could be portrait, self-portrait or couples. You can reach out to us at if you need a thought partner. Edit your photos with the free Mochila Preset or the Port Preset!

What else do I need?

Because this is a project built from the ground up, we're hoping to see your creativity. Feel free to suggest locations, styling, attire. Come as you are with your best energy and we'll make something together.

Community, positivity,


Thank you.

Models: DeAnne Stewart, Leslie Guzman

Photographer: Jose Melgarejo