David Griso, Barcelona, Catalunya Spain

May 19, 2020

Barcelona Wedding Photographer | David Griso

Based in Catalunya, Barcelona Wedding Photographer David Griso shares about emotional storytelling, passion and respect in photography @david_griso

What do you do?

I’m a wedding photographer based in Barcelona andI travel around the world telling stories. I’m lucky to be able to see the world doing what I love to do the most.

What is your expertise/superpower in your field? And one piece of advice as an expert!

I was a kid born amongst cameras and I watched my mother and her husband work in the studio. What fascinated  me about how they worked me was in order to get “the photo” they wanted, they had to dedicate so many hours paying incredible attention to light. How in one way or another, changing light can bring a photograph to life. It was only later on that I was able to value the entire process of working with film – patient and perfectionist.

In my adolescence they started a wedding photography company (Photo Studio Indalo) and I was able to help my mother cut and bind photographs for albums. It was the little time I could spend with her. She sacrificed her weekends for wedding photographers she wouldn’t deny that she at one time hated her profession.

My first true experiences behind the camera were my first travels, not because they were my passion, but because in some way I needed to document them- and BOOM- something in me was born that was so difficult to stop. I remember how fun it was to be creative, to discover what mattered to me. This is what what so important in these first journeys.

I studied Image and Sound Production and Directing. I worked for one year at Barça.TV. Those years I realized that was not happy with my work life and I decided to resume my studies at the Instituto de Estudios Fotográficos de Catalunya and there my passion awoke along with my desire to learn. From each day to the next, I was cultivating my own style and paving the way to where I am today.

Emotional narratives mean much to me, and make sure that my stories have a balance between the visual and the emotional. Each project is an opportunity to get better personally and to give some sort of satisfaction for our clients. We are in charge of their visual legacy on one of the most important days of their lives.

So do not stop improving yourself, for your growth and above all, the respect and responsibility of narrating one of the happiest days of their life.

One thing you are. One thing you aren’t.

I am sensible and just. I like people who are upfront. I’m not a bad person.  

Where do you photograph? What do you like about it?

I only shoot weddings. I find myself photographing only 35 weddings a year but in a truly passionate way. There is nothing else that motivates me more than telling a beautiful story, documenting moments in a natural way, being a participant in a legacy and learning from my couples. I think that we can be honest in your our and in sharing what we have in your heart we can help people.

The pillar of my work is creating an emotional narrative, enjoying in each of these narratives an opportunity to create something special.

Your favorite thing about your work?

Being a wedding photographer allows me to meet wonderful people and to combine my creativity with their love. I love being able to travel the world learning about how people live differently. Being able to grow as a person.

What is more important- inspiration or workflow?

Both are essential. Workflow is vital so that you don’t get stuck in the process (and stay a sustainable business). Being organized and disciplined will leave you more time for creative freedom.

Creativity comes by itself, but I do think that you have to find the elements that help you. In my case I am not inspired by wedding work – it actually creates mental blocks and stops me from creating the way I want my creativity to flow.

I’d rather be inspired by portrait photography and fashion for lighting and editorial style.

The key to creativity? 

Emotional and personal stability. To absorb with a certain guided perspective all the daily experiences that we have and to be able to reflect on everything that we carry on the inside… and project these in our work.

Your favorite place on this earth?

Island has fascinated me the most. When I was there, I found some sort of peace being a country amidst such natural beauty. But I would never be able to stay in one, it would be a bit unfair.  I am from Catalonia, officially from Barcelona. The Mediterranean, mountains and sea. I love the land around me and its diversity so much that maybe I’ll stay home surrounded with my family with the opportunity to continue exploring.

A song you would drive into the sunset to?

Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?

What’s your next big thing (what are you excited for)?

A personal photography project that could be part personal-identity, part how I see the world, society. I’d compile all this in a book so that it could endure the test of time. And maybe serve as an example for my daughter – a memory of her father for here and for later, that I had lived to create.

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