GxC - Port No.1

Jose Melgarejo Photography


GxC - Port No.2

Jose Melgarejo Photography


GxC - Port No.3

Tozzi Photography Studio


GxC - Port - No.4

Tozzi Photography Studio


GxC - Port - No.3

Anaïs Possamaï Photography


GxC - Port - Black and White

Tozzi Photography Studio


GxC - Port - Black and White

Jose Melgarejo Photography


GxC - Port - No.4

Mick Habgood Photography


GxC - Port - Black and White

Alvaro Sancha Photography

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Time to go farther.

Inspired by the romance of travel and remembrance. Timeless, adaptive, diverse. The Port Collection is the original palette and inspiration for the colors and tones that run through Gulls and Crows. Made for professionals who value time and the full experience that life can give.

GxC Port is a set of seven fully customizable presets that quickly move you through a color space of highlights and natural tones. GxC Port No.1-4 are color presets that value accurate skin tones and warmth. GxC Port 5-7 are Black and White presets create a classic matte feel as a tribute to the analog days.

Curated color for consistency in post production that lets you spend more of your hours out there creating what you love. For Adobe Lightroom Classic, ACR and Lightroom Mobile

Preset Description

The Port Preset Collection

Lightroom Classic Lightroom Creative Cloud

Adobe Camera Raw

Lightroom for Mobile

Port 1 - Natural with depth and contrast. Perfect for portraits and classic photography

Port 2 - Brighter whites and balanced highlights with rosy undertones

Port 3 - Warm tones and gentle contrast for a vintage and natural energy

Port 4 - Clean, warm whites and a neutral palette to provide a minimalist and editorial style

Port 5 (B/W) - Firm shadows and balanced gentle highlights with fantastic versatility

Port 6 (B/W) - Punchy highlights and grain for backlit shots and retro styling

Port 7 (B/W) - Silver tones and bright whites as a homage to old photographs

John Branch IV @jbivphotography

Over my 7 years as a wedding photographer, I've tried and used many presets and the Port Collection is top tier.

With their easy, one-click processing of photos, it's a great preset for anyone wanting to nail a look and editing quickly.

I tend to work with couples of mixed skin tones and Port Collection keeps everyone's skin tones looking natural with a nice and warm touch to your photos.

While using the presets I was yet to find one that didn't fit my photos, with a quick an easy edit and having everything look amazing

North Carolina — New York

Editing with the Gulls and Crows Port Collection

An efficient and powerful preset for professional photographers and visual artists. Deep color and tones and natural highlights that are faithful to your original shot. Designed so that your images look like how they felt and stay timeless and classic for the future. Open up a new world of possibility with the Port Collection at home and on the road.


You can have presets that are versatile, consistent and adaptive. The Port Collection was designed for you, the on-the-go creative. Time to go farther.


The Port Collection by Gulls and Crows

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