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I loved how easy the presets were to use. I tested six photos with all the presets to see which ones I liked the best. The warm tones of the presets really fit my brand and how I like to keep the colors true to nature. My favorite is GXC 3. It works great with browns like the leaves after the winter is over. It works for my pastels very naturally as well with very subtle changes to the greens. GXC 6 was my favorite for black and white. It provides a very dramatic look and makes the details pop in my photos. I loved using that for the landscape of Central Park Lake. I can't wait to start using them on weddings when it starts back up! Thanks again!

I have to say I absolutely loved the black and white edits they are absolutely gorgeous. I rarely come across a good B&W preset even from the bigger brands. One of the ones I really enjoyed was the second edit GXC 2. It brings very earthy and warm vibes. I can't wait to make amazing things with these presets.

— Susan Shek

— Corina Lupascu

New York City — New York

Baltimore — Maryland