Tozzi Studio

Molise, Italy


Two brothers, friends, world travelers based in a small village in the countryside of Molise, Italy. Thomas Tozzi speaks of living a life full of adventure and love.


A few words from Thomas about photography, work, travel and life…

What do you do?

I’m a wedding photographer based in Italy and with my brother Jan, videographer, we created TOZZI STUDIO, some years ago. We are based in Italy but we works everywhere in the world. We do big weddings and smaller, elopement and couple session.

What is your expertise/superpower in your field? And one piece of advice as an expert!

I started studying photography when i was child because my father had passion for photography. Then I studied in the academy to improve the technique, the story of photography and specialized to work with people and agencies. I learned that in our job the most important thing is the relationship with customers, knowing how to be kind, efficient, polite and above all, professional.

One thing you are. One thing you aren’t.

A nice person. Not really a nice person!

Where do you photograph? What do you like about it?

I work as wedding photographer as a specialty. I love couple sessions also, but weddings are an explosion of emotions, positive energy, joy. I mainly love civil weddings, in crazy villas. In Italy, fortunately, we are full of beauty and i am very proud about this.

Your favorite thing about your work?

You can work everywhere, discover everyday new places, new venues, new countries. You can edit with a laptop looking the crowd from the window of your home, or looking the waves from a terrace overlooking the sea. And, every time, fall in love again with your weddings, your couples, your life.

What is more important- inspiration or workflow?

Mmm, i think both. It depends. We are lucky to work a lot and photograph many weddings every year. So, in our work is very important the workflow. Inspiration is something natural. I don’t search a lot for it, i found it everywhere. I don’t love watching others wedding photographer works. Yes, I do it a bit, but not so much. I don’t love copy and paste others’ projects. I try to found my way, my style, my attitude. I try inspiration every early morning just looking the sunrise from the window of my little village in the hills of my land. I don’t love crowds and big cities. I prefer big space, less people, more nature.

The key to creativity? 

Travel a lot around the globe. Take time to stop and think.

Your favorite place on this earth?

I don’t have one. I’ve traveled around 33 countries on this planet and I love so many countries. Almost all!

It’s not for patriotism, but one of my favorites is Italy. I think Italy has one of the most variety of what you can search when you travel: nature with amazing beaches and incredible mountain, story, art, good food and friendly people. It is the country with the largest number of UNESCO heritage sites in the world. I think to be lucky enough. I love many countries, but sometimes what I learned is that you can “love” or “hate” a country, depending on the people you meet on that trip. I loved India very much and it is one of the most touching journey of my life.

A song you would drive into the sunset to?

It depends on my mood but sometimes I love emotional songs like Ennio Morricone’s “C’era una volta il West” sometimes party songs that let you dance on the beach during sunsets.

What’s your next big thing (what are you excited for)?

It would be obvious to say “I want to travel the world all time”. At the moment I am very satisfied with taking care of my plants, my vegetable garden, learning how to make homemade pasta and bread. It’s really amazing how satisfying it is to create something and watch it grow.

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